About Us

Toppahat was started in 2021 by four friends who wanted to do something different with their lives and take on the world of big brands. The brand name comes from the Italian word for "Patch" which translates as "Toppa".   The four people behind the brand (Jay, Jonny, Ryan and Gary) have been friends for over 30 years and their careers span industries in fashion, graphic design, technology, finance and customer service.  Toppahat was successfully trademarked in early 2022.

School friends Jonny Rea and Ryan Millar

Toppahat is a brand created through friendship. Born out of Belfast, Northern Ireland we have designed and launched a unique bucket hat with collectable and interchangeable patches.  

With our "Toppa" hats and collectable patches you'll be able to have fun with friends or meet new ones whether you're at an event or sharing over social media.  We want you to have great memories and remember where you were by collecting or swapping our "Toppa".

Where it started! The Toppateers at St George's Market, Belfast

We are passionate in developing quality products and not just slapping a brand name onto mass produced goods. As a result we have carefully designed our hats to ensure they deliver on style, comfort and quality.   Our launch product is the "Festival Bucket Hat"  which can be customised with our collectable Toppa patches. Our unique hats have a Velcro front panel which enables our patches to be changed in an out depending on your style or where you are.

As well as selling direct online we promote our products at music festivals, sporting events and local markets.

As a startup brand, we have a growing social community and take direct input and feedback from our fans to develop new ideas for patch designs.

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If you would like to get in touch with us you can at info@toppahat.com

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