Hats off to Café Mambo

Hats off to Café Mambo

The highlight of summer 23 for us at Toppahat must be the Café Mambo event at Lewis Square in East Belfast.

Being Toppateers, we love nothing more than wearing our buckets to a music festival, and while the main local attractions will obviously be the likes of Belsonic and Planet Love, our favourite event of 2023 was Café Mambo.

This event was billed as an old skool Ibiza night, and it didn’t disappoint. We were taken back to the glory days of Ibiza in the 90s and noughties, with trance classic after trance classic all night.

The event had a great line up, with headliner the amazing Lovely Laura, but the main reason we loved this event so much – the festival goers!

Café Mambo Belfast had a fantastic mix of ages and the atmosphere was great!

We almost sold out of stock on the night, our buckets were a HIT!